Who are we

First on-site constatations

The lack of information, the dispersal of the basic documentations Of a building and the absence of traceability for maintenance interventions are the major problems bound to the sector BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS.

After several years of R&D, The engineer HANIA find the solution to this problem that he baptized "KT Memory".

KT Memory Innovation

KT Memory is quite unique solution presented under one shape of a not connected module, (not of RJ45, no battery, no WIFI) Integrable in the electric cupboard or TGBT of a building It is the black box of the building.

Modules allow a digital backup of any technical document types (IDOE, electric, cartographic plans, digital models, forms of intervention or technical maintenance, notes) and under all the formats (Adobe, Microsoft, files of the software Archi, files of the technical software)

Key points

  • French innovation
  • International concept patented
  • 100% Storage secured
  • Not connected module
  • Accesible data remote 7/7 - 24/24
  • Economy on the costs of maintenance services

The team

Inventeur - Dir. R&D

Renald Millot

Georges Bussignies
Dir. Informatique

Dir. Marketing & Communication

Laurent DUBOIS
Dir. Administratif & Financier